The fact is that the essential oils business is booming and so selling essential oils from home is also making money for people for the first time

People are more and more interested in natural remedies for common ailments just because they smell nice. But people coming into this industry for the first time are asking how to sell essential oils as a business? Is there a way for you to be a part of this massive growth in natural health and wellness?

I don't want to say that the best and easiest way to make money from essential oils is to create an online business, but it is one of the options which will allow you to automate your business. The tried and tested method of creating relationships and making contact still has a massive influences in the world of marketing aroma oils.

Nevertheless, the internet has a record of being the best forum for reaching out to people that care and believe in the same things as you do. The days of asking family and friends to buy into your new business idea or products is a bit old-hat and can be the break up of many personal relationship as well as being annoying. When someone in passionate about essential oils and the benefits they give in our lives, you want to reach out to people with the same mindset and belief system as your own.

Before getting into details of selling essential oils online, the process is going to look like this

Even though we are discussing marketing and promoting aroma oils online like anything we do well in life needs a plan. In the early stages its good to look at a niche subject within essential oils that you can specialize and to become an authority. Once you have choosing your niche subject, start to add your interesting and valued content to your blog. Incorporate your affiliate link or auto-reply system link into your blog and then repeat by researching and planning new content ideas. Then finally share your blog and content to the world.

However, some food for thought in this method of marketing a business online, it is the little things we do everyday that matter, so don't get overwhelmed by the mass of work that is involved. Just take action, set your goals, make a plan and work on it everyday.

Is the internet is the best place for selling essential oils from home?

As a professional internet marketer with 7-8 years in the business and 20+ years in MLM, you will make money from selling essential oils online, if you work using these simple methods in the page. I am so confident that I will outline a business plan for you on this page. Even though I understand that these concept will not work for everyone, it just may work for you.

Firstly you need to want to start a essential oils or wellness business, and be open to the idea of having your business be 100% online. If this sounds like you keep on reading.

How to make money with essential oils

How to make a living from selling essential oils from home and online

I personally believe in due diligence when looking at a new project so before committing myself to running a essential oils business I researched if it was possible to create a sustainable income from such a product. I done a lot of research on the subject of alternative health care in relation to essential oils and over the last 5 – 10 year there has been a massive rise in interest in essential oils. So, for me it was a no-brainer, essential oils were trending so well that I just needed to get involved. The proof can be found in Google Trends that show that even though Alternative medicine is stable Essential oils has gained in popularity by a massive amount.

Selling essential oils online

Nevertheless, Google trends data aside, you can only imagine how many uses there are for essential oils. There are 1000’s! They can be used to reduce stress, improve ones well-being and happiness, relieve pain and even be used as a bug repellent and cleaner.

In reality I am just a average guy that believed that if the house was clean enough, that would be good enough. Fortunately my wife loves using essential oils at home and so I have begun to appreciate the aroma from the diffuser around our home, so the house smells fresh when people come to visit. My personal choice is peppermint and wild orange.

My example of my own experience only shows us that everyone is a potential market and a possible customer. It just depends on the customer you intend to market to and who you want to share your passion for essential oils.

Having the passion for the product is a positive element to any business venture, but the bones of running a business online comes from a slightly more mundane place. So ,understanding a few business marketing methods on how to sell essential oils online is important to really make money in this industry from day one.

Why selling essential oils online is the best business at the moment?

There are a limitless amounts of ways that you can earn money from a essential oils business. I am going to explain a few of my personal favorites that have allowed me to enjoy online success since the early days in this business.

How to sell essential oils in Network Marketing or Direct Selling

There might be a chance that you landed on this page because you were researching an essential oil company. The company I would suggest is one of the biggest companies in the network marketing industry, and one the biggest of the essential oils direct selling companies in the world.

This company was formed in 2008 and offers a wide range of products ranging from therapeutic grade essential oils to oil infused toothpaste and supplements. They are sold on a philosophy of natural living by essential oil distributors that speaks very loudly to millions of people around the world.

Even though this company is a great choice for the online marketer the main premise is how to make money from this company. When you join such a company you become a independent distributor or in the case a Wellness Advocate. Once you have joined this company there is a possibility to earn money from retails sales and team bonuses. For example, your friend Jane sponsors you and brings you into the company, so a percentage of your sales will create an income for her. If you sponsor someone into the company, a percentage of their sales will create an income for you.

This is main reason why this marketing method is called “Multi level marketing”, but in recent years they have been using “Relationship Marketing”, because the building of relationships is as important aspect of MLM.

Personally, I have enjoyed being in the network marketing industry, and like the team aspect of growing a business with other people. The relationships that I build in the early days still stay with me now with great warmth and support whatever business I have been in at that time. Everyone seems to be happy if someone is gaining success, because I believe that we all want the same thing, to have a happy and successful life.

Reaching out and selling essential oils online from your website

As I have already said, the best way to reach your customers is by having a website / landing page. You can argue with me about that but no matter how you look at it, there are more people on the internet than people you know personally.

The situation most new distributors get themselves into is that they have bullied and pestered their family & friends and now you are in a dry spell. So, how do you find more people to be customers or new consultants? You need to reach out to people online and get them interested in your whatever you are offering.

To reach the entire world (or at least the entire English speaking world), then you can just pick a regular .com domain name. Dot coms are perfect for online network marketing. There are more than 2 billion people online and every one of them is a potential customer or new consultant for you. Furthermore, the population of the world is growing, and more people are getting internet access every day.

Creating a website sound a bit challenging but the technology has advanced so much that it is a simple process for most of us. There are many website builders that will create a ready made website in a few minutes. You can add templates, videos, images and apps with the click of a button to give you a very cool and professional website.

Most people surfing the internet don’t really care how good looking your page is, they surf the web to read and gather information from them! The most important element on your website is going to be the articles you publish to it. If you have ever heard of ‘blogging’, then you know what I’m talking about.

At one time, blogging was like a online personal / public diary of our lives, but now blogs mean business. Running an essential oils related blog can be the vehicle to drive sales to your business.

How do you get customers and prospects to visit your website?

Creating a website that looks nice to the eye is the easy bit, the hard bit is to get visitors to your website and buy your oils.

The key is to be on the first page or preferably in the top three in google and as a .com business owner you will be competing with the big boys of the global marketplace.

However, this is some great news most online business owners and network marketers have no idea how to rank on page one, but I do. After five years trial and error and now experience, I can show you how I do it. I have tried to simplify the process a bit so I don’t confuse you or even myself, but if you want to learn more details of how to rank on page one and get traffic to your website be sure to let me know.

The secret of selling essential oils online is in the words you use

I can hear you all scream, "Well der" and even though it seems a simple statement, I would suggest that you go through this section slowly and then go through it again, because once you get this, you will have a eureka moment.

Utilizing a few online tools and tricks I can tap into Google’s search data and find out what people search for everyday. So, when a large amounts of people are searching for something online, I can see how much competition my website going and how I can use these word to my advantage.

If we take an example, I know that there are 552 people searching for the term “essential oils for skin” every month, and that there are over 200 websites competing for this phrase. That’s a lot, considering there are only 10 spots on Google page one!

However, there are only 9 competing websites for the phrase “essential oils for kids”. Wow…only 9 websites in the whole world! I could definitely outrank them. If I can get my website to page one for that phrase, then at total of 72 people will reach my website every day and think about purchasing something.

Yes, I know 72 hits a month does not sound very much but these hits are targeted hits from people looking for "essential oils for kids” and your webpage is offering information about how to use essential oils with kids, so almost ever hit will count.

In the Old school network marketing methods it would not be possible to reach out to 72 people every day, 7 days a week, 12 months a year. The power of having a website and being able to rank it in search engines will give you 24/7 access to the world.

However, we need to understand that not every page on our website will rank, but over time, if we publish articles on low competition topics, then we increase our website authority on the topic, and start generating more traffic. I have some websites that gets over 2,000 visits per day.

That means 2000 potential clients every single day for my business.

The topics you can write about on your website about essential oils is limitless, for example “essential oils for dogs” or “how to make essential oils soap at home” and the list goes on.

Sell essential oils from home

If we look at the example above of the keyword, “which essential oils do what”: Each month there are between 100-1000 search using this sentence, however there is only 30 pages in Google using it. This mean that you have a real chance to have you webpage on the first page of Google and gain the traffic and the earning from this simple research of keywords.

Keywords and writing articles are the basics of how we attract customers to our website. I personally only start writing an article after I have found 15 -20 related keywords.

2 simple ways to make money from selling essential oils from home website

There are many ways to make money online, but I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much information so I have broken it down to 5 basic ways.

Affiliate Link Promotions

This is the most exciting way to me because you can make some big commissions depending on what you promote. The concept is that you promote a product on your website, but the buyer purchases it from a different website. You simply say, “I recommend this product” and link to your newsletter subscription form (via your affiliate link).

For essential oils, you could recommend things like different essential oils, essential oil blend, diffusers, related essential oil products and the business opportunity. The possibilities are endless!

Display Ads

This is where Facebook for about 5$ a day will give you the option to market you business on the pages. You just create an advert using images, video, some text and your email subscription form via affiliate link.

You can advertise the essential oils business, the products or a deal.

Learn how to start business by selling essential oils online

If you are confident that you want to follow up with making a business by selling essential oils from home, then you should start your business today. I have much experience with network marketing and internet marketing and you can learn how to do it also. I started learning and taken this journey some years ago with plans to relocate to a sunnier climate.

Imagine that! In just a few years you could be your own boss and work from home wherever you want to live. If you don’t start today, what do you think you’ll be doing in two years? The same thing that you’re doing right now?

If you have the passion and you turn it into a business you can really be successful. You may not have any good ideas at the moment, but you can personally contact me and we can discuss it and I can help give you some topic ideas to get you started.

The best way you can contact me is to subscribe to my newsletter where I will give you all the information need to get started today

In this essential oils business you will meet people just like yourself, people building an online business and passionate about essential oils. Some of them are just starting out as Wellness Advocates, and some are already leaders who enjoy helping out the newbies. If you join my team on the enrollment links below, you will also have 1-on-1 access to me and I’ll be able to help you grow your business.

Why should someone join my team?

Sell essential oils online

How will you get started?

  • Learn about essential oils and the uses
  • Learn to promote a healthier lifestyle for you and your family
  • Additional online business and wellness training
  • One on one business training via Skype / Facebook Chat / Zoom (Company Membership and business overview)
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Team support via Facebook groups and weekly webinar

Making money with essential oils

What do you get from me

  • Learn how to rank your website in Google
  • Learn how to promote and market your business online
  • Learn how to make your own website / blog
  • Learn how to use social media sites to promote your business
  • Learn how to grow sales and increase earnings
  • Learn how to create effective and affordable content for your business

Direct selling essential oils

You will also get access to

  • Free personalized webshop (no web knowledge needed)
  • Free back office to admin your business easily
  • Free online or telephone support for any product, business or technical problems
  • All the essential oil and related products via your personal webshop / office office at 25% below retail
  • The possibility to earn commissions form your personal and team sales
  • Our weekly webinar where you can ask questions and get support
  • Support from me as and when needed

How to sell essential oils online

What will I expect from you

  • Commitment, so when you say you will do something, you will so it
  • Willingness to learn, because learning is the key to success
  • Work 15-20 hours a week on your business
  • Development of your long and short term goals and a plan of how you intend achieving your goals
  • Attend online business overview within the first month
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Never give up

FAQ to selling essential oils from home

Is it hard to build a website?

Building your basic website is easy if you know how! So, if you want to do it yourself by learn some html coding, adding graphics and learning other aspects of web design it will be a slight learning curve, but I will be there to hold your hand all the way. However, I am asked on many occasions to offer some kind of basic blog or landing page service to help network marketers wanting to work online to get started at an affordable price.

I offer a basic and affordable package for anyone's pocket that includes a domain name, hosting package, template if needed, basic SEO, statcounter, indexing on Google and Bing, text rewrites if needed, image editing if needed, and much more. Click on the "Learn More" botton below for more details.

MLM eBook

How can someone learn this method of selling essential oils online?

Beginners guide to online prospecting in network marketing | eBook recommendation

A recently released eBook by Steve Jackson hit the shelves with a boom. It has made a big impact of the industry especially for the new people who are struggling to get beyond building their warm leads list.

The role of this eBook is to lay out a basic plan for running a MLM business online rather than using the more traditional methods such as reaching out to family, friends and colleges.

To help the total beginner to build an MLM business online this eBook will take the reader through all the skills and knowledge needed to succeed. The eBook is broken down into 14 steps and 27 tasks with subject ranging from keyword optimization, content writing and building a warm leads list. The final goal of the eBook is to empower someone new to the MLM industry to become successful by having a plan that works.

How much does is cost to run a essential oils business?

Well, it depends on how you want to proceed, the basic essential oils business package starts at $35 (20€ / £20 / 50 AUD), but if you truly want to get into selling essential oils online beyond using the companies webshop you will need to invest in a domain name for about $10 and a host for as little as $50 a year (Normally a free domain name comes with the host package). There are many extra things that are optional, but none are required. How much you invest in your business is up to you, but again I will advice you of the best options, because I personally spend as little as I can on my business.

How much does essential oils and business training cost?

Online training is normally free and there is no extra monthly fee once you have started, only a yearly fee of $25, but you will be sent a Peppermint oil when you re-enroll, so nothing really. I personally run a podcast and send a regular business and product newsletters which offers advice and support to everyone in my business. I also suggest to new team members to attend the weekly webinar because there is always good advise on everything about running an essential oils business.

How long does it take to earn money?

This is a tough question to answer because it’s different for everyone, however, one important aspect of our business plan is that new distributors can earn from day one by selling the oils at retail and then when they start building their team earn extra commissions from their sales. Nevertheless, some people start earning very quickly and others are a bit slower, but others take more than a year. It really depends on how much time you are willing to spend on growing your business. As I said at the early stages of the page, it is the small daily activities that make a difference and not the big public shows of commitment.

How much money can I earn?

This is the cool part – there’s no limit! There are billions of dollars being spent online every day. All you need to do is find a small slice of the pie and you can be making really good money.

Some people have businesses that earn a modest $30,000-$80,000 per year. Others grow to six figures and beyond, but you should understand that this is not a get rich quick business, however it is a sustainable long term business so long term commitment is needed to succeed.

But lets begin with the first step – creating your new account and start your essential oils business opportunity today!

How to sell essential oils

100% Free Product Guide for selling essential oils online!

Even though you may be totally committed to running a online business with me, I am sure you would like to know what type of product we will be marketing. Click on the learn more button below and receive a 100% free product guide which will explain the everything you will need to know about the products and company.

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